Jackie is from a musical family so for her, music is life. Her parents fell in love as bandmates so she has been lucky enough to do shows her whole life. She has lived across the nation in Colorado, North Carolina, Wyoming, Washington and now Arizona. Jackie’s love for all things music is deep so her heart is happy as a co-founder of Amani Jae Entertainment.

She began studying business management in Wyoming in 2003.

In 2008 she began practicing massage therapy in Seattle, Washington. Since graduating with Honors, she continued learning for over three years while working with two well known Occupational Therapists. There she performed a personalized treatment plan including a combination of massage, myofascial trigger-point release(MFTR), ultrasound, electrotherapy, hydrotherapy, and would include a home treatment plan with stretching and strengthening programs. All skills that she uses to this day with her in-home massage therapy business. She works from referrals only in both Washington and Arizona. Jackie has also sharpened her skills through the years as a previous spa co-founder.

Having her business background and love for the music industry and James with his talents, they decided to make it official and create Amani Jae Entertainment in 2014.

She has been told that she has a special caring and embracing quality to her technique which rings true for all business that she is involved with. Relax and let Jackie’s caring work ethic with well-rounded experience cater to your specific needs!